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Have you ever felt the intense pull to do, create or participate in something that’s bigger than yourself?


It's been called a mission or a calling. That pull, for me, has always been learning and teaching. I’m an educator who is constantly seeking ways to improve my methods through observation and wonder.


My husband feels a strong since of duty in service to his country. He’s an attorney who has always felt a calling to serve in the United States military. I admire and support him in this mission and I'm proud to serve as a military wife.


In 2018, I put my teaching career on hold to move to Germany where my husband is stationed. As an educator and parent, I feared leaving an educational environment that challenged both me and my children.


This blog contains anecdotes, observations, and questions that develop from my new adventure as an educator and parent abroad. I hope you’ll join me on my mission to appreciate, notice, question, and share ideas from overseas. 

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